Online Photo Contest Service

Our software makes running photo contests a joy!

Our simple to use online system manages all aspects of photo contests from registration, payment, photo collection, photo organization, judging, and reporting.
Pageants? If you are a pageant director, visit our pagent page.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Anyone who runs a photo contest like pageants, photographers, and fund raising organizers where contestants submit photographs for a fee (or free) and are scored by a set of judges. For fundraising you can have a "peoples choice" contest where people can purchase votes and vote on images.

How does this work?

You setup your contest(s) using using our system and share the contest link. Contestants click the contest link and register for your contest. Payment is automatically calculated and collected from the contestant and immediately sent to you. Photo submissions are automatically managed and organized for easy judging. When the contest is over, you get the results and award the prizes.

All payments are handled via Stripe is sort of like PayPal. Contest fees are collected using stripe and is immediately deposited into your stripe account. You can have the money transferred to your bank account on demand or automatically.

What is the cost?

You pay nothing. We just take 10% of the contestant and voting fees and stripe takes a few percent. We don't make money unless you make money. Since this is so easy, you can run more and bigger contests to increase your revenue to more than compensate for our small take.

Can I run free contests?

If your contest is totally free and is open to anyone, we are good with that. If you are using it to collect info/photos for your organization, that is ok too.

What is the Pageant Database?

One of our main uses is in support of pageants in the United States. We have created a free offering to everyone, not just BombyHead users. It is our USA Pageant Finder Database. You can visit it to find a pageant to compete in, or add your pageant to the database.


You can reach us at


We are feature rich to make sure we got you covered!
check_box Simple Registration Form
check_box Payment Collection
check_box Simple Photo Submission Form
check_box Collect Biographies
check_box Collect Custom Information
check_box Collect Contact Info
check_box Unlimited Number of Categories
check_box Unlimited Number of Divisions
check_box Automatic Photo Organization
check_box Simplified Judging Process
check_box Bio Sheets For Judges
check_box Automatic Tallying of Scores
check_box Peoples Choice Voting
check_box Contest Reporting and Analytics
check_box Export Contestant Info
check_box Export Contestant Images
check_box Contestant Search


Want to see how registration works? Here is a demo photo contest registration system you can try. You will need to register (provide your name and email), just like any of your contestants will have to do, in order to access the demo registration page. What will we do with your email? Don't worry, we won't spam you. We will send you useful emails from time to that you can easily one-click-opt-out at any time.