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Top 5 Features
Contestant Management
Registration and Payments
Judging and Tallying of Scores
Automated People's Choice

Photo/File Management
Automated - Organized - No Paper

Bombyhead takes care of the tedious tasks, giving you more time to focus on what you love and grow your pageant.
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Our Mission
We are absolutely relentless in providing the best pageant management software for directors that

To Use
Your Contestants

Bombyhead Feature Overview

Registration, Contestant Reminders, Payments, Judging, Real Time Tallying of Scores, Photo Management, Results, People's Choice Voting, Contestant Communication, and so much more.

Brand Prestige and Contestant Satisfaction

One of the hidden benefits of using Bombyhead is how it will help your pageant brand image as being the cool modern pageant. Pageants that use Bombyhead are perceived as being more professional and modern. Separate yourself from the pack, and be the pageant that contestants enjoy entering. Contestants HATE the old complicated and clunky form approach. They love the simplicity and ease of use of Bombyhead. We know this because we surveyed them. They HATE submitting physical paperwork and printed photos. They HATE waiting weeks for the pageant director to email their scores to them. Bombyhead turns hate into love, and isn't that what the world needs?

Simple yet POWERFUL!

We do it all... complete pageant management end-to-end. Check out this comprehensive list of features:
check_box No pageant too big or too small
BombyHead supports pageants of any size. From small local pageants, to state pageants, to mult-state regional pageants, and of course, national pageants. We got you covered!
check_box Simple and Clean Registration Form
Easily create a registration form that looks great and works well on computers and mobile devices. Let your contestants know that you run a 1st class pageant from their very first interaction with you.
check_box Smart Pageant Registration Forms
Finally pageant registration forms that work perfectly for pageants. BombyHead registration forms are not generic, but instead are designed just for pageants. They do smart things, like only display areas of competition that are eligible for a particular division, automatically provide bonuses and discounts, makes sure contestants register in the correct division, supports multiple deadlines, etc.
check_box Automated Payment Collection
The registration form automatically computes entry fee and collects payment. Money is automatically deposited into your bank account.
check_box Partial Payment Support
Directors have the option to be able to collect partial payments so people can pay the registration fee over time. Useful for higher priced pageants.
check_box Easy Photo Submissions
Submitting photos is as simple as point and click to upload and submit photos.
check_box Reuse Photos Across Pageants
Bombyhead stores contestant photos in a photo library, so they can easily reuse photos across pageants without having to find the photos and upload them again.
check_box Automatic Program Book Generation
Bombyhead automatically creates a program book for your pageant with zero effort on your part. You can sell a digital version of the book and it is automatically delivers it to your contestants who purchased it on their bombyhead dashboard. You can also sell printed versions of the program book, use Bombyhead to generate it, and print out the pages and put them in a binder. This takes the hassle out of creating a program book and you can effortlessly offer these to your contestants. This is another feature that Bombyhead provides that lets you increase your revenue. For extra income, you can have your contestants sell ad pages and place they will be automatically placed in the book.
check_box Broad area of competition support
Bombyhead supports a comprehensive set of competition areas, including, but not limited to: photogenic, interview, various on-stage competitions, and portfolio.
check_box Automated Email Notifications
Bombyhead automatically sends email notifications to contestants. For example, when they visit your pageant registration page but do not enter or when their registration is incomplete, an email is sent.
check_box Supports PDF, Audio, and Video file uploads
Bombyhead already has built in pageant information collection capabilties, but we understand that some pageants may have a specific format they require. Contestants can submit their paperwork conforming to your specifications by submitting PDF files. Additionally people can upload audio or video files as well. Bombyhead supports all file types.
check_box Collects Contact, Biography, and Custom Information
On the registration form, you can collect required pageant information. Bombyhead supports the common requests (e.g. contact info, biography, etc.), and it also supports the ability to collect custom information specific to your pageant.
check_box No Limits
Bombyhead has no limitations on the size of your pageant. We can handle pageants both big and small. Supports unlimited contestants, contests, areas of competition, divisions, etc...
check_box Crazy Simple Judging Process
Judging has never been more easier with our unique pageant scoring software. It guides the judging process and gives the judges the ability to provide valuable feedback to the contestants that they will love.
check_box Bulletproof Electronic Judging
Our electronic judging works flawlessly. Even with crappy internet. And our totally unique in the industry system will work even if your internet goes down in the middle of your pageant.
check_box Emcee Support
Provides your emcee with the contestants, bios, and an area for the emcee to take notes... like entering contestant name pronounciation. Works great on an iPad.
check_box Day Of Checkin
Supports a day of pageant checkin process. Missing contestants are automatically removed from the competition to avoid confusion with the judges and other personnel.
check_box Tabulator Support
Day of scoring is automatically tabulated and displayed on a tabulator dashboard. The scores are instaneously available as the judges score each contestant.
check_box Contestant Contact Management
Collects contestant contact information and with a simple lookup, you can find contestant contact info across all your pageants.
check_box People's Choice
Every pageant should run a People's Choice competition and Bombyhead fully supports it. We make it super simple for people to vote for their favorite contestant. People's Choice management is comprehensive. Money is collected and votes are automatically tabulated and instantly available. If you want a people's choice that you can run without using Bombyhead, you can use our sister tool Dempsi. Visit for more information.
check_box Contestant Contract Management
If your contestants or winners need to sign a contract, you can electronically send them a contract which they can sign and return. Makes contracts super simple.
check_box Ticket Sales and Merchandice Sales
Generate more income from your pageant by using the bombyhead storefront feature. The storefront permits you to easily sell Merchandice (T-Shirts, Water Bottles, etc...) and Tickets (General Admission, Backstage Passes, etc...) for your pageants.
check_box Data Download and Export
You are never locked into Bombyhead. Export your data (Photos, files, contestant info, etc.) so you can import into other programs or spreadsheets.
check_box Free Tools - Ad Maker, Pageant Database, and Program Maker
Bombyhead has a set of free tools that directors and contestants can use.
check_box Contestant and Staff Management
Bombyhead makes sure your staff and contestants have the information they need to make your pageant day run smoothly.
check_box World Class Support
You are never alone. We are here to help you and your contestants have the best experience using Bombyhead. Have a suggestion to help us be better? Just let us know.
check_box Active Development
We are not stale or living in the past. We are constantly adding new features and improving the experience. We are always looking for ways to make your pageant experience better and your job/life easier. Our core mission is to make Bombyhead the most easiest, feature rich, pageant management system with world class support.

Bombyhead Processing Fees (Pricing)

Our pricing is a percentage of the revenue generated by your pageant. We have a simple pricing structure that is easy to understand depending on which features you use:
Usage Registration People's Choice Storefront
Registration and People's Choice 15% 25% 10%
Registration and Judging and People's Choice 15% 25% 10%
Registration/Judging without People's Choice 15% 10%
People's Choice Only
Storefront Only 10%
If you're solely interested in our People's Choice voting feature, we recommend using our sister product, Dempsi, available at Dempsi specializes in standalone People's Choice offerings.

How we make running pageants dreamy...

We provide pageant registration, photo submissions, photo management, judging, tabulation, communication, reporting, contract management and analytics. We partner with pageant photographers, so they can preload contestant images so registration for them is just selecting images. We automate everything to make the director, contestants and judges have an enjoyable experience. Ditch klunky generic forms for registration, use a system that was designed for one thing... to take the burden off directors and make it super easy for contestants.

You setup your pageants(s) using using our system and share the contest link. Contestants click the contest link and register for your contest. Payment is automatically calculated and collected from the contestant and immediately sent to you. Photo submissions are automatically managed and organized for easy judging. On day of pageants, scoring is done on laptops/ipads/chromebooks with instant tallying of scores. No more waiting for people to transcribe judges score sheets and entering data into a spreadsheet for talling. Contestants are provided their raw score data electronically.

All payments are handled via Stripe is sort of like PayPal. Contest fees are collected using stripe and is immediately deposited into your stripe account. You can have the money transferred to your bank account on demand or automatically.

Want to see how registration works? Here is a demo photo contest registration system you can try. You will need to register (provide your name and email), just like any of your contestants will have to do, in order to access the demo registration page. DEMO CONTEST REGISTRATION

How we help contestants

We make it insanely easy for you to enter contests hosted on BombyHead as when you enter the contests your images are ready to be used, your information is remembered and super simple to reuse. We streamline the process of entering pageants.
We keep your pageant photos online, so you can get to them quickly and easily. You can use them to submit to pageants, download them, or even use them when creating pageant program ads using ad maker. And if your photographers are on bombyhead, they can upload images for you so there is nothing for you to do other than use them when you need them.

How we help pageant photographers

Photographers upload their clients final images directly into their clients bombyhead photo library. This is a great way to deliver client images where they can immediately download or use them to enter contests or with ad maker.

How we help pageant coaches, hair and makeup artists and other pageant related businesses

Our pageant database is a great way to show people in your state that you are available to provide services to assist pageant directors and contestants.

Unbiased and Trustworthy

One of the core strengths of using Bombyhead is our unbiased, third-party role in your pageants. As an independent platform, we have no favorites and no bias towards any contestant. Our primary goal is to ensure fairness and transparency in every pageant hosted on our platform.
This means you can assure your voters that the contest is conducted with the highest level of integrity. Every vote and judges' score truly counts, and the winner is always the genuine winner.
When you choose Bombyhead, you're not just choosing an easy-to-use pageant platform. You're choosing a partner committed to maintaining the trust of your audience and the legitimacy of your contests. After all, nothing is more important to us than providing peace of mind to you and every participant involved.


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Tiffany Redmon

Kentucky Bluegrass Prelim Director

My favorite Bombyhead feature is everything is in one place; pictures bio scores sheets etc... I don't need to have multiple program and spreadsheets. I love that I can see all my contestants in one place.
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Champayne Wilson

Kentucky Cosmos State Director

I love love love that BombyHead handles all my pageant needs as saves me SOOOO much time. I have more time to help develop my pageant and have more time with my family. Maybe the best thing is that I can now run more pageants than I could otherwise.
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AI Expert

The most compelling feature of desired by pageant directors appears to be the comprehensive pageant management system. This system significantly reduces the director's workload by handling contestant registrations, photo management (submission, judging, and voting), and reporting. This allows directors to spend more time with family and doing things they enjoy, which is a considerable benefit considering the demanding nature of their role. The system is versatile, catering to live, online, and charity pageants of all sizes, from small local events to large state and national competitions. It also offers a streamlined payment system, making it easy for directors to collect fees and focus on the creative and organizational aspects of their events. Additionally, the People's Choice contest software and the standalone offering, Dempsi, provide directors with lucrative fundraising opportunities, further enhancing the appeal of


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